Smack in the middle of things. A small farming town in the distant past, it served as a growing trade hub and rest stop in the region for travelers and traders moving. However, it was taken over by a petty noble turned crook and a small conspiracy of others interested in exploiting it’s strategic position for their own profit. The tighter the grasp of the small-time tyrant grew, the fiercer the resentment of the town’s people and those who frequented it. When a local family’s house was burned to the ground as a show of force, a riot quickly erupted which grew to a town-wide, bloody rebellion ending in the deaths of all those involved in the take-over.

The residents had been living their lives peacefully until a recent Orcish incursion from the north resulted in a night-time massacre sending the residents fleeing into the surrounding woods.

When a few returned to the smoldering ruin of the town the next day, little remained. A brief re-congregation of the surviving members of the second governing council quickly concluded there were but two options: leave or die. And so the exodus began.


Midvale’s early origins lie in exiles, those banished from other places, and those wishing to live how they please. The end result is that personal liberty is highly valued. Impinging upon that of others is the essential common definition of a criminal act. Given that this is an ambiguous and interpretable rule, an elected council judges over disputes.

Favored Gods: Kord, other minor Deities, demi-gods, and mythical figures.

Notable figures in legend: The Old Dirty Bastard – a dragon defeated by a champion of kord.



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