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The Island of Kyuria

The World

The Races

This island is inhabited by Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Orcs. Most of the races are relatively peaceful with one another. Even the Orcs tend to stay on the Twin Isles, their homeland, and do not venture onto the mainland.

The Story and History

No one really remembers much of the history of Kyuria, since frankly, there isn’t too much to say about it. There are sometimes conflicts between the Dwarves and Elves over territory, but they are usually resolved through non-violent means. Of late, however, Orcs have began invading the North of Kyuria, mainly inhabited by Humans and Halflings. A particularity is the usage of magic in the invasion of the Orcs, as usually Orcs have not been known for their dabbling in the arcane arts. Either way, there is a huge threat upon the lands of Kyuria, and your characters are no doubt caught in the middle of it.

Where you come in

Your characters are among those that had to flee their homes in the North from the Orcish invasion. For now, you have just headed South and you have all, by coincidence, traveled to the same roadside tavern, The Roasted Lamb. You may look at the map and decide what city you would be traveling to if your character would not likely run blindly South. May I suggest Gazhitdown, the Dwarven/Gnomish capital.

Character Requirements

If you don’t want to make up your mind, I include a d20 roll decider to the side.

Allowed Races: (In order of likelihood of you being one)

Note: You are also allowed variants of these classes, although keep in mind they are very rare, and may be hindered socially. By varients, I mean like Wood Elves or Dark Elves, but I doubt you’d be an elf anyway, cause there aren’t many where you live anyway. In fact: only one of you can be an elf just because of the huge unlikelihood. Most humans have never seen an elf, so take that into consideration.

Allowed Classes: All classes in the PHB, PHB2, and Complete Books are allowed. If you wish to use a class such as a Binder or Swordsage that is not in either of those books, you must have a great backstory for how you discovered your new class. Nine swords classes are going to be difficult to convince me.There are no psionics in Kyruia… yet. Changed my mind, psionics are allowed, but spell resistance and power resistance are the same. I prefer psionics over arcane magic anyway, since it makes more sense.

You need a good background and fair amount of fluff for your character. There should be enough information on this wiki to provide the local information of the region for your character. Feel free to already know the other PCs, either as friends or family, and have traveled with them down to The Roasted Lamb.

Oh, and where ever you decide that you are from, you can make up the information for that area as you please. Example: Rae’s character, Runa is from a small town in the Telrithan Mountain Range, and she made up the history and culture of her town, Faroe.

Current party list:

  • Gen – Not yet created.
  • Alex – Undecided it seems.

All else who want to participate in the campaign haven’t signed up yet. . Fools.

When you do make a character page, I understand that the character creation aid is real handy, but you can’t just copy and paste what it outputs for any kind of decent viewing in ObsidianPortal. Therefore, I have made a template for you to just put your character info into so its still legible, based off my character from an older campaign, Ashenmind of Tillbrook. I believe that if you are a member of the campaign you can edit his stats.

If the character creation aid from above is too complicated for your tastes, consider using this one .

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