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  • Twin Isles

    Home to the [[The Orcs | Orcs]] of Kyuria, these two islands tend to be left alone by many of the other races of the world.

  • Telrithan Mountain Range

    The only mountain range on Kyuria, it is the main divisor between Dwarvern and Elvish lands. To the north, the [[Dwarves]] live, and with them [[Gnomes]], though Gnomes do not harbor the same resentment towards [[Elves]] as Dwarves do. The primary …

  • Faroe

    Faroe is a city in the northeast [[Telrithan Mountain Range]]. It has a population of about 5,000. Faroe was founded about 450 BP, allegedly by folk hero [[Ljótr the Second Born | Ljótr the Second-Born]], a minor character in dwarf mythology that has …

  • Midvale

    h4. Summary Smack in the middle of things. A small farming town in the distant past, it served as a growing trade hub and rest stop in the region for travelers and traders moving. However, it was taken over by a petty noble turned crook and a small …

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