Rúnfríðr Skjöldsdóttir

Her first name can be loosely translated (from Old Norse) as 'beauty of hidden knowledge.' It is often shortened to 'Rúna.'


Female Dwarf Cleric 1

Strength 12 (+1) - Age 45
Dexterity 08 (-1) - Alignment Lawful Neutral
Constitution 17 (+3) - Size Medium
Intelligence 12 (+1) - Height 4’ 2”
Wisdom 16 (+3) - Weight 140 lb.
Charisma 08 (-1) - Speed 15 ft. [medium load]
Total Hit Points 21
Armor Class 19 = 10 +4 [scale mail] +2 [heavy steel shield] -1 [dexterity]
Touch AC 9
Flat-Footed AC 18

+4 dodge bonus to AC vs giants [racial]

Initiative +3 = -1 [dexterity] +4 [improved initiative]
Fort Save +6 = 3 [base] +3 [constitution]
Reflex Save 0 = 1 [base] -1 [dexterity]
Will Save +6 = 3 [base] +3 [wisdom]
Base Attack +2
Spell Resist 0

+2 save vs. poison/spells/spell-like abilities [racial]

Weapons & Attacks:

  • Heavy Mace
    • Attack Modifier: +3 = +2 [base] +1 [strength]
    • Damage: 1d8
    • Crit: x2
    • 8 lb
    • One-Handed
    • Bludgeoning

+1 to hit orcs/goblinoids [racial]


  • Full Plate
    • Medium Armor
    • +8 AC
    • Max Dex +1
    • -6 Armor Check Penalty
    • 50 lb
  • Heavy Steel Shield
    • Heavy Shield
    • +2 AC
    • -1 Armor Check Penalty
    • 15 lb
    • 20 hp

Other Magical Possessions:



Light 43 lb. or less
Medium 44-86 lb.
Heavy 87-130 lb.
Lift over head 130 lb.
Lift off ground 260 lb.
Push or drag 650 lb.

Languages Known: Common, Dwarven, Gnomish

Weapons/Armor from above 53 lbs 80gp
Rations (1 day) x4 1 lb 20sp
Feed (1 day) x2 40 lbs 20cp
Spell Component Pouch 2 lbs 5gp
Bedroll 5 lbs 1sp
Blanket, Winter 3 lbs 5sp
Flask (water) 1.5 lbs 3cp
Flint and Steel 1gp
Chalk, 1 piece 1cp
Hooded Lantern 2 lbs 7gp
Oil (1-pint flask) 1 lb 1sp
Rope, Hempen (50 ft) 10 lbs 1gp
Mirror, Small Steel 1.5 lbs 10gp
Mule named Ósk 8gp
Pack saddle 15 lb 5gp

Cash: 7gp 0sp 4cp

Mule Stats

STR 16 DEX 13
CON 17 INT 2
WIS 11 CHA 6
Size Large Animal - Hit Dice 3d8+9 (22hp)
Initiative +1 - Speed 30ft
AC 13 - Base Attack/Grapple +2/+9
Attack Hoof +4 melee (1d4+3 - Full Attack 2 hooves +4 melee (1d4+3)
Space/Reach 10ft/5ft - Special Qualities Low-light vision, scent
Saves Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +1 - Skills Listen +6, Spot +6
Feats Alertness, Endurance - Other +2 racial Dex bonus to avoid slipping/falling


Light 230 lb. or less
Medium 231-460 lb.
Heavy 461-690 lb.
Push or drag 3,450 lb.
Total Weight: 132 lbs
Weapon/Armor Weight: 53 lbs (Medium Load)
Mule Weight: 79 lbs (Light Load)
Carrying Load Effects:
Load Max Dex Check Penalty 30ft spd. 20ft spd. Run
Medium Load +3 -3 20ft 15ft x4
Heavy Load +1 -6 20ft 15ft x3


  • Divine Metamagic
    • Empower Spell
      • All variable, numeric effects of an empowered spell are increased by one-half. Saving throws and opposed rolls are not affected, nor are spells without random variables.
    • As a free action, you can take energy from turning or rebuking undead and use it to apply a metamagic feat to spells you know.
    • Must spend one turn/rebuke attempt + one per each level increase required for the metamagic feat.
    • Unlike using metamagic normally, the spell’s slot does not increase.
  • Improved Initiative
    • +4 to initiative rolls

Other abilities:

  • Darkvision
    • See up to 60 feet in pure darkness (not magical)
    • Only in black and white.
  • Stonecunning
    • If come within 10 feet of unusual stonework, can make search check as though actively searching to find things about it, such as traps.
    • Can also approximate how far down underground she is.
  • +4 to avoid trip/bullrush attempts on ground [racial]
  • Alignment Aura
    • Gives off a lawful good aura, which can be detected through detect law and detect good spells.
  • Spontaneous Casting (Positive)
    • Can lose any prepared spell for a cure spell of the same level.
    • 0th level: Cure Minor Wounds
      • Touch, 1 std action, Heal 1 hp.
    • 1st level: Cure Light Wounds
      • Touch, 1 std action, Heal 1d8 +1/caster level (max +5).
    • 2nd level: Cure Moderate Wounds
      • Touch, 1 std action, Heal 2d8 +1/caster level (max +10)

Turn ability:

  • Turn undead x2 a day
  • Range: 60 ft

Rules for turning:

First roll a Charisma check (1d20 + Cha modifier). The modifier of the roll (I.e. if you roll a 10, the modifer is +0; 14, +2, etc) determines the most powerful HD of undead you can affect. This is called a turning check.

Then roll 2d6 + cleric level + Cha modifier. That determines the total HD of undead you can turn. This is called turning damage.

Skill Name Abil. Skill Mod Abil. Mod Ranks Misc Mod
Appraise Int +1 (+3) +1 (+2 if stone/metal)
Balance Dex -11 -1 -10 [armor check]
Bluff Cha -1 -1
Climb Str -9 +1 -10 [armor check]
Concentration Con +5 +3 +2
Decipher Script Int +1 +1
Diplomacy Cha -1 -1
Disguise Cha -1 -1
Escape Artist Dex -11 -1 -10 [armor check]
Forgery Int +1 +1
Gather Info. Cha -1 -1
Heal Wis +3 +3
Hide Dex -11 -1 -10 [armor check]
Intimidate Cha -1 -1
Jump Str -9 +1 -10 [armor check]
Know. (arcan) Int +4 +1 +3
Know. (relig) Int +3 +1 +2
Know. (plane) Int +2 +1 +1
Listen Wis +3 +3
Move Silently Dex -11 -1 -10 [armor check]
Ride Dex -1 -1
Search Int +1 (+3) +1 (+2 on unusual stonework)
Sense Motive Wis +6 +3 +3
Spellcraft Int +5 +1 +4
Spot Wis +3 +3
Survival Wis +3 +3
Swim Str -19 +1 -20 [armor check]
Use Rope Dex -1 -1


Energy Type: +


  • Knowledge
    • Add all Knowledge skills to list of class skills.
  • Artifice
    • Gain +4 bonus on Craft checks. The character casts conjuration (creation) spells at +1 caster level.

Zero-level Cleric spells: 3 per day: (DC 13 for saves)

First-level Cleric spells: 3 (2+1 domain) per day: (DC 14 for saves)


Lives in Faroe, a small and rather spiritual mining town east-northeast of Gazhitdown. Is apprenticed to Ærinndís Þórkatludóttir, one of the völur.
The völur are women who are sometimes called witches. Literally, their name means ‘carrier of a magic staff.’ What they practice, called Seiðr, is a type of shamanism; its aim is to communicate with the spirit world in order to cast spells.
Rúna is learning to be a seiðkona, a practitioner of manipulative and subtle magics (seid or seið). Her focus is primarily on reading the runes and studying the lore of the Allfather.


Name: Rúnfríðr (Rúna) Skjöldsdóttir (Rún: hidden knowledge, Fríðr: beauty, Skjoldsdóttir: patronymic)
Age: 45
Appearance: medium-length, thick black hair worn in a braid; grey eyes, broad nose, medium-dark skin, 4’2”, 140 lb., roundish face, fairly healthy


Paternal grandfather: Ketill Ásketilsson, 273. Works with Mjöll in the forge.
Paternal grandmother: Ægileif Eymundardóttir, 290. Miner.
Maternal grandfather: Snorri Sigurðarson, 326. Tailor.
Maternal grandmother: Gíslaug Böggvissdóttir, 311. Runs the local market.
Father: Skjöldr Ketilsson, 148. Makes ironwrought furniture, particularly chairs and benches. Calm, friendly, conversant in lore.
Mother: Mjöll Snorradóttir, 124. Works in the local forge; alloys iron and carbon to make steel, aided with galdrar. Sturdy, outspoken, a good diplomat.
Sister: Aldís Skjöldsdóttir, 22. Still in school; something of a brat, but tries to do well. Quite intellectual.
Rúna’s family is reasonably well-off. Both of her parents are held in high regard in the community as hard workers with traditional dwarven values, so her childhood was largely untroubled. Her great-grandmother, now deceased, was a seiðkona who believed in very sharp weapons. She left behind a waraxe inscribed with runes, which has been sitting over the fireplace until now.

Other Fluff:
-Likes: favors neutral tones, grays, for simplicity; not much for music, but prefers traditional instrumentals of dwarven culture; big fan of alcohol, of course; enjoys learning the folklore of Moradin and oral histories.
-Dislikes: over-bright colors and personalities, music with ‘screeching’ sounds, i.e. string instruments not including cello; spicy foods; being called Fríða.
-Personality: loves many of the traditional aspects of her culture, but not so much stonemasonry; like many dwarves, she is very practical in her outlook on life, but unlike most of her friends she would rather exercise her creative energies than work in the quarries. Not that she does not have great respect for the stoneworkers, but it is not the life for her. She is also something of a soft touch; while she will vehemently deny it if asked, she can be swayed by those that appear helpless or down on their luck.
-What is the most important thing? Acquiring and using knowledge
-What is the least important thing? What she considers frivolousness.
-Motivation: The standard young adult trifecta: finding oneself, proving oneself, and being noticed. Also she is naturally quite inquisitive.
-Goals: Learning is an important goal for her, but not learning simply for its own sake. She seeks useful knowledge.
-Worst fear? On the large scale, dying unrecognized. On the smaller scale, being unhelpful, wasting time on frivolous pursuits,
-Greatest hope? That a legend will one day be told about her
-Profession (remember, this is most likely passed down in the family): Seidkona
-Morality: A bit questioning, but generally strong
-Work Ethic: Solid, although she may be distracted
-What kind of people does (s)he like? Sensible people, creative people, people with stories to tell
-What kind of people does (s)he dislike? Pranksters, chaotic evil
-Does (s)he love anyone? Not in the romantic sense, at this moment.
-Religious Beliefs: Reveres Moradin
-Main deity? Moradin
-If is a magic-esque type person, why do you use magic? It is an excellent application of theory in a versatile manner.

Rúna’s world is carved in grey stone, and that is the way she likes it. Humans, elves, even halflings don’t understand the way stone can live and breathe under your hand or pick. When dwarves harvest the rock from the mountains, it is not a battle between dwarf and nature; it is an expression of love from the dwarves to the mountain and the mountain to the dwarves. Someday, everything built by the stone will crumble into tiny grains of sediment and return as stone to the earth. It is difficult for others to see this. Most live short lives, and those that do not tend to be over-concerned with those that do. But dwarves see far and understand much, and what Rúna understands is that stories carefully told and spells precisely cast are like the rock. There is a shape underneath the surface that must be followed or the story and spell will shatter and become useless. She loves to trace this shape through words and song and magic, living her life as fluid as the shadows under the mountain and as simple.
When you can see the infinite beauty in shades of grey, there is no need for color.

Rúnfríðr Skjöldsdóttir

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